tetris game

Tetris Game

This is a version of the popular Tetris game that lets you play online.

You need Java enabled in your browser to be able to play this game.

The following keys control the game:

  • Left – Moves the falling figure to the left.
  • Right – Moves the falling figure to the right.
  • Up or Space – Rotates the falling figure counter-clockwise.
  • Shift + Up – Rotates the falling figure clockwise.
  • Ctrl + Up – Rotates the falling figure randomly.
  • Down – Moves the falling figure all the way down.
  • N – Toggles preview of next figure.
  • P – Pauses or resumes the game.
  • S – Increases the falling speed (by one of ten steps).

This game is available under a BSD license. You are therefore free to download and distribute the source code or the binary. See the license for details.

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