tetris game

Tetris Mirrors

This Tetris Java applet is currently known to be used on the following web pages (in historic order):

You may also create your own Tetris page on your web site, by downloading the full distribution, extracting the lib/tetris.jar file, and adding the following code to your page:

<applet width="330" height="400"
   <p>Your browser is not able to run Java applets. This is
   probably due to having Java disabled in your browser

When you have created your own Tetris page, please send a mail to per@percederberg.net so that you will be informed about new releases, bug fixes or similar. I'd much appreciate if you could also add a link back to my web site in order to give your users access to the original distribution.

Please read the README.txt and LICENSE.txt files in the distribution for further information on configuration options and distribution permissions.