curriculum vitae
Per Cederberg

Curriculum Vitae

Name: Per Cederberg

I'm a software engineering consultant with an interest in design, usability & business analysis.

Software developer & architect since 2000. Worked in several large projects in different roles.

Opinionated, but platform agnostic. Familiar with several programming languages, tools and environments.

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Work Experience

  • Ledarskapscentrum – Group & Leadership Surveys,
    Creation, updates and operation of a web-based system for administering survey instruments. The system handles multiple types of surveys, data storage, emailing, report PDF creation, account handling, permissions and much more. In continuous operation since 2014 and still being updated with new instruments and improvements.
    Sep 2016 – Dec 2016 Apr 2013 – Sep 2014 JavaScript jQuery MochiKit SQL XSLT XSL-FO RapidContext MySQL Linux
  • – Web App & Backend Development,
    Full-stack development from web UI down to fetching ad display metrics from external services. Worked mainly with oauth integrations, data fetching, data storage and scheduling, but touched almost all parts of the app at one point or another.
    Sep 2014 – Mar 2016 Python JavaScript AngularJS Node Flask SQL Docker Firebase IronMQ AWS Beanstalk ECS RDS
  • Qwaya – Facebook Ads Tool,
    Maintenance and development on the Qwaya Facebook ads tool. Mostly front-end JavaScript development, but also a fair bit of back-end Python for updating APIs, data models, migrations, etc.
    Sep 2013 – Aug 2014 Python JavaScript ExtJS MooTools Django SQL MySQL Linux
  • SignDirect – Forms & Data Collection,
    Partner in SignDirect – a cloud-based solution for converting PDF forms to modern web services. The solution allowed any form to be filled in, saved, forwarded, signed and/or submitted online from any web-capable device (iPad, iPhone, etc).
    Jun 2012 – Dec 2012 Java JavaScript Groovy Spring AJAX HTML XML jQuery Nginx Linux
  • Hi3G Access – Provisioning & Monitoring Tools,
    Created tools for managing the provisioning order flow and integration issues between systems. The new administration platform based on RapidContext provides a detailed error analysis and semi-automatic correction, leading to much increased productivity and data quality.
    Mar 2012 – May 2012 Jan 2007 – Mar 2008 Java JavaScript PL/SQL AJAX HTML XML SQL SOAP RapidContext MochiKit Tibco PeopleSoft Oracle Solaris Linux
  • Blocket – Launch of Job-site,
    Part of the small team that created the new subsite for jobs at Blocket. Worked a bit on everything, but especially on the data import/export solution.
    Feb 2011 – Mar 2012 C JavaScript PHP PL/SQL HTML jQuery XML SQL PostgreSQL XSLT Linux XP
  • bwin Games – Poker Tournament Admin,
    Development of a poker tournament administration and monitoring system with external B2B users. Also built tools for searching across several live system databases to provide detailed issue analysis and query capabilties.
    Feb 2009 – Jun 2010 Java JavaScript AJAX HTML SQL Wicket Spring Hibernate jQuery MySQL Linux Scrum
  • Dynabyte BioLabs – Genetic Network Analysis Software,
    Prototype software package for analysis of genetic networks. The system was used in research to find probable transcription factors from experimental data, as well and statistical analysis of genetic expression data.
    Nov 2007 – Jan 2009 Java JavaScript Python Prolog AJAX HTML SQL MochiKit MySQL Linux Scrum
  • BAE Systems C-ITS – Interactive Training Authoring
    Architecture and development for CATS Cebra, a tool for authoring advanced distributed learning via a web browser. Simplified the user interaction and provided quick preview functionality.
    Nov 2006 – Dec 2006 C# JavaScript ASP.NET SQL XML SCORM Cebra SQL Server Windows
  • bwin Games – Payment System Development,
    Development and maintenance of a payment processing system with online integration to external processors. Created automated handling of credit card chargebacks among other things.
    Dec 2005 – Oct 2006 Java J2EE EJB Spring Hibernate SOAP JUnit SQL JBoss MySQL Linux Scrum
  • BAE Systems C-ITS – Interactive Training Prototype
    Prototyped a new interactive training system based on modern web technology. The system handles movie playing, flash animations, clickable SVG images and more. It is now sold as part of CATS Cebra.
    Oct 2005 – Nov 2005 JavaScript XML HTML SVG SCORM Cebra Windows
  • Hi3G Access – CRM & Billing Integration Analysis,
    Created tools for finding and correcting integration issues between various systems and databases. Primarily worked with the PeopleSoft CRM and Singl.eView Billing systems.
    Feb 2005 – Sep 2005 Java PL/SQL SQL Swing Rvscript Tibco PeopleSoft Singl.eView Billing Oracle Solaris
  • Liquid Site Hosting – Content Managment System,
    Design and creation of a web-based content management system (CMS) and a new web site for the Swedish Committee for Afghanistan. The CMS is today in use for a commercial web hosting service.
    Jun 2003 – Aug 2004 Java JavaScript Servlet FreeMarker JDBC SQL MySQL Apache Nginx Linux
  • Siemens Spain – Document Management System,
    Developed a web-based document management system for use by the Spanish railway networks (RENFE) and Telefónica.
    Apr 2004 – May 2004 Visual Basic ASP COM COM+ ADO XML XSLT SQL SQL Server Windows
  • DocHotel – Electronic Invoices
    Technical project leader and co-architect for DocHotel, an an electronic document storage for Nordea and Swedbank.
    Apr 2001 – Feb 2003 Java J2EE JSP SQL DB2 WebSphere AIX RUP XP
  • Systembolaget – IFS Web Integration,
    Evaluated various options for integrating the IFS CRM system with existing web infrastructure.
    Oct 2002 IFS Oracle IAS J2EE Solaris
  • TravelLink – Travelling Portal,
    Mentoring and C++ development for a web travelling portal. CCM role handling C++ components, code quality and automated release builds.
    Jun 2001 – Dec 2001 C++ JavaScript Broadvision One-to-One Oracle HP-UX Solaris RUP
  • Xware – System Developer,
    Development of several stand-alone Windows applications for administration of the xTrade system.
    Jan 2000 – Feb 2001 C++ MFC ATL COM COM+ DCOM Win32 Windows
  • Ericsson Telecom – Master’s Thesis,
    Created a tool to automatically generate source code for management platform plug-ins.
    Jul 1999 – Dec 1999 Java ASN.1 SNMP Windows

Open Source Projects

  • Simple-Admin for Ubuntu,
    A collection of tools and utilities to simplify server administration on Ubuntu. The current tools are mostly targeted at backup, status monitoring and automation.
    Nov 2012 – Active Bash/Shell Perl Nginx MySQL Linux
  • RapidContext – Simplified Web Apps,
    A platform to quickly build web-based tools for searching, monitoring and managing large systems and integrated environments. Currently used to handle back-office system support and error diagnostics.
    Oct 2006 – Active JavaScript Java AJAX HTML SQL MochiKit MySQL Oracle Linux Unix Windows
  • Mibble – SNMP MIB Parser,
    An open source SNMP MIB parser, inspired by previous work at Ericsson. This library is now available both as open source and with a commercial license.
    May 2003 – Active Java ASN.1 SNMP Linux
  • Grammatica – Parser Generator,
    A parser generator for C# and Java that provides much improved usability compared with similar tools. The project is currently mostly abandoned (but still works).
    Mar 2003 – Maintenance C# Java BNF


  • Cederberg & Dator – Consultant & Developer
    Jul 2010 – Now Architect Developer Business Owner
  • Dynabyte – Consultant,
    Feb 2005 – Jun 2010 Architect Integrator Specialist
  • Self-employed – Consultant
    Jan 2003 – Feb 2005 Developer Spain
  • WM-data Object Solutions – Consultant,
    Mar 2001 – Feb 2003 Architect Process Mentor Change Manager
  • Xware – Developer,
    Jan 2000 – Feb 2001 Developer
  • Ericsson Telecom – Master’s Thesis,
    Jul 1999 – Dec 1999 Developer
  • The CLIP Lab – Visiting Researcher,
    Mar 1999 – Jun 1999 Prolog RadioWeb Linux
  • Ericsson Telecom – Summer Intern,
    Jun 1997 – Jul 1997 Perl CGI
  • KTH – Student Teacher in Computer Science,
    Sep 1996 – Mar 1997 Scheme C Introduction to Computer Science


  • KTH – Master of Science in Computer Science,
    Aug 1993 – Jun 2002 C C++ Delphi Java PostScript Prolog Scheme SmallTalk Lex Yacc
  • UPM (Spain) – Computer Science,
    Sep 1997 – Jun 1998 C Java Erasmus
  • Stockholm University – Philosophy,
    Aug 1995 – Jun 1996
  • Stockholm University – Psychology,
    Aug 1995 – Jan 1996

Other Merits

  • Programming Languages – Expert:
    Java JavaScript
  • Programming Languages – Other:
    Basic Bash/Shell C C++ C# Delphi Pascal Perl PHP PL/SQL PostScript Prolog Python Scheme SmallTalk Visual Basic
  • Spoken Languages:
    English Spanish Swedish
  • Certifications:
    Rational Unified Process (RUP)


  • Available upon request.