mibble mib parser

Mibble — SNMP MIB Parser Library

Mibble is an open source SNMP MIB parser library for Java. The library provides full support for all versions of SNMP and also contains sample applications for processing and viewing the information contained in the MIB files.

Commercial software? Get a license.

As the author and copyright holder of Mibble, I sell commercial licenses for distributing Mibble in ways that the GNU GPL license wouldn't permit. The commercial licenses come with the following advantages:

1. Full Source Code Availability – The full source code for the Mibble library is available and permission is granted to make proprietary modifications.
2. Free Redistribution – Software based on, using or containing code from Mibble may be redistributed in either binary or source code form.
3. No Royalties, No Expiration – The license is perpetual, contains no further royalty payments, and does not restrict usage to any particular product, purpose or developer.

Online License Purchase available with immediate download of the commercial package. Please visit the Mibble Web Site for more information. Or contact sales@percederberg.net for assistance.