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The JavaScript console is known to display some of the examples incorrectly in Internet Explorer 8 or older.
var obj = {
    a : 13,
    b: 42,
    print: function() { print(this); }


Any object can have function properties, allowing them to be used as methods. But remember that this is bound at call-time.
obj.print.apply({ something: 'else' });

Function calls with apply() or call() use the first argument as the bound this object. This makes it possible to reuse a method for any object, as long as it is similar enough to work properly.
var printMethod = obj.print;


But the call-time binding of this also means that the object context can be lost when function references are passed along. This typically happens when using event handlers, setTimeout() or similar.
var boundMethod = obj.print.bind(obj);


The built-in bind() method can be used to create a new wrapper-function where this is bound to a specific object.
boundMethod.apply({ something: 'else' });

The wrapper-function will keep the object reference intact, ignoring the object context used in the function call.
setTimeout(boundMethod, 0);

The wrapper-function can therefore be used in event handlers and where the object context would otherwise be lost.

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